Staff Directory

Contact one of our attorneys or paralegals to help you with your real estate closing or refinancing needs. We are able and eager to be of your assistance and answer any questions. Additional information can be found under the Request a Closing and Forms & Fees areas of our website. You may also call 704-552-9997 if you would like to speak to someone in person.

Ralph R. McMillan

Phone: 704.714.4222   Email: rmcmillan@mplawcarolinas.com

Michelle Psaroudis

Phone: 704.714.4264    Email: michellep@mplawcarolinas.com

John Markey

Phone: 704.714.4224 Email: jmarkey@mplawcarolinas.com

Bryan C. Lawrence

Phone: 704.714.4250 Email: blawrence@mplawcarolinas.com

William T. Wallace

Phone: 704.714.4229 Email: wwallace@mplawcarolinas.com


Alicia Ainsworth

Phone: 704.714.4246   Email: aainsworth@mplawcarolinas.com 

Angel Woodward

Phone: 704.714.4223   Email: angel@mplawcarolinas.com 

April Fulmer

Phone: 704.714.4230   Email: afulmer@mplawcarolinas.com 

Cathy Norton

Phone: 704.714.4235   Email: cnorton@mplawcarolinas.com

Cindy Cox

Phone: 704.714.4231   Email: ccox@mplawcarolinas.com

Doreen Fink

Phone: 704.714.4247 Email: dfink@mplawcarolinas.com

Ellen Rummage

Phone: 704.714.4252 Email: erummage@mplawcarolinas.com

Heather Arnett

Phone: 704.714.4242   Email: harnett@mplawcarolinas.com

Jamie Brunson

Phone: 704.714.4227   Email: jbrunson@mplawcarolinas.com

Jodi Henry

Phone: 704.714.4240   Email: jhenry@mplawcarolinas.com

John Osinga

Phone: 704.714.4244   Email: josinga@mplawcarolinas.com

Kerry Owen

Phone: 704.714.4243   Email: kowen@mplawcarolinas.com

Kim Marrs

Phone:704.714.4237   Email: kmarrs@mplawcarolinas.com

Linda Murray

Phone: 704.714.4238 Email: lmurray@mplawcarolinas.com

Lori Britt

Phone: 704.714.4226   Email: lbritt@mplawcarolinas.com

Roberta Doss

Phone: 704.714.4241   Email: rdoss@mplawcarolinas.com

Sonya Lindley

Phone: 704.714.4221   Email: slindley@mplawcarolinas.com

Taylor Whitt

Phone: 704.714.4239   Email: twhitt@mplawcarolinas.com